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Online Video Marketing Training

Learn how to make more engaging videos that generate results.
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Three Online Webinars

Video Planning

Set the right foundation by being very clear about your objective and how you will measure success. Who are you targeting and what might attract their interest? 

How can you tell your story in a way that is engaging and encourages viewers to respond to your Call to Action?

Video Creation

The secret to a great video is great preparation and this has to come before you start production! Once you have the storyboard, you then start to gather the elements you need, such as photos, images and video clips.

A typical storyboard has the following elements: Intro, Branding, Main Parts and finally the Call to Action.

The text comes from the storyboard and it often best to record the voice-over before creating the scenes for your video.

Video Optimisation and Publishing

Video Optimisation starts at the planning stage. What tags do you want your video to rank for and do you have the tag variants to out do your competitors?

You have to do some parts of the optimisation before you upload your video to YouTube. There are other parts that you can only do once you have uploaded your video to YouTube.

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 BC STACK 2018

 Get Started With Online Video Marketing Training!

  • Three webinars that will be hosted on the new Facebook Group and available to all Group Members.
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    The first webinar will now be held at 5:00 pm EDT on 18 September 2018.
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    Additional live Q&A after each webinar.
  • Webinar recording and Cheat Sheets for all Facebook Group Members.
  • No hype, no sales and no "irresistible offers" with a count-down timer!

We will do our very best to provide great content that you can then use for your video marketing. You can remain a Member of the Facebook Group and have access to all the resources for as long as you like.

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